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The seal was designed especially for MBSG by Eric Pakravan '14 to serve as MBSG's official graphic emblem during professional and distinguished events. The seal features a hare, a snake, an eagle, and a lion cub reflecting a tale from Aeschylus' Agamemnon just before the infamous 'Seige of Troy'.

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The seal was based on the design of the central medallion above the entrance to Bridge Hall (BRI) on USC's University Park Campus. Bridge Hall, which serves as the home to the Marshall School of Business, was initially built in 1928 and was designed by architects John Parkinson and Donald Parkinson.

Aeschylus' Agamemnon

The Siege of Troy

Part II
Strophe 1
Go forth to Troy, the eagles seemed to cry-
And the sea-kings obeyed the sky-kings' word,
When on the right they soared across the sky,
And one was black, one bore a white tail barred.
High o'er the palace were they seen to soar,
Then lit in sight of all, and rent and tare,
Far from the fields that she should range no more,
Big with her unborn brood, a mother-hare.

(Ah woe and well-a-day! but be the issue fair!)

Part III
Antistrophe 1
And one beheld, the soldier-prophet true,
And the two chiefs, unlike of soul and will,
In the twy-coloured eagles straight he knew,
And spake the omen forth, for good and in.

Go forth, he cried, and Priam's town shall fall.
Yet long the time shall be; and flock and herd,
The people's wealth, that roam before the wall,
Shall force hew down, when Fate shall give the word,

But O beware! lest wrath in Heaven abide,
To dim the glowing battle-forge once more,
And mar the mighty curb of Trojan pride,
The steel of vengeance, welded as for war!

For virgin Artemis bears jealous hate
Against the royal house, the eagle-pair,
Who rend the unborn brood, insatiate-
Yea, loathes their banquet on the quivering hare.

(Ah woe and well-a-day! but be the issue fair!)

For well she loves-the goddess kind and mild-
The tender new-born cubs of lions bold...