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Recognition Process

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I. Recognition Criteria

The following criteria will need to be followed in order for a student organization to be recognized by the Marshall School.

1. Receive recognition from the USC Office of Campus Activities. Follow all requisite procedures listed at

2. Receive recognition from the Marshall School of Business (Undergraduate Student Services Office in Hoffman Hall Room 200).

Provide the Undergraduate Student Services program managers with the following documentation:

- Proof of USC recognition
- Proof of interest from other students (, survey results, informal poll results, etc.)
- A mission statement for the organization - The organization's purpose and goals
- A list of benefits to the Marshall and USCC communities
- A proposed leadership structure
- Contact information for key leaders in thee organization
- A calendar of key events and activities pllanned for the semester
- A fundraising strategy
- Membership fees/ dues, if any
- Corporate donations
- A listed Marshall faculty advisor (Note: SSome organizations have non-Marshall advisors assigned to them)

Submit paperwork to:

Guillermina Molina
Director, Undergraduate Student Services

Jennifer Alderete
Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Student Services

The Undergraduate Student Services program managers will meet with each interested organization to determine whether or not the organization has followed applicable rules and regulations. Moreover, the Marshall Council, the governing body for all Marshall student organizations, will also be consulted. Both parties will determine whether or not the organization is aligned with Marshall goals and student needs. If the program managers approve the proposal, Marshall will properly recognize the organization. Student organizations will be recognized at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters only. All new presidents will be automatic members of the Marshall Council.

II. Student Organization Responsibilities

In order to remain a Marshall student organization, the following criteria will need to be met every year. Failure to meet any of these criteria could result in the removal of the student organization from the Marshall student organization roster.

Fall recognition:

1. Mandatory participation from the president at the Student Organization President's Retreat in late August, 2008.
2. Mandatory presentation given in late August to members of the Student Services Office. Presentations will outline key accomplishments, goals, events, etc. planned for the year.
3. Participation at New Student Welcome which will be held Friday, August 22nd at noon.
4. Participation by student organization president at all Marshall Council meetings.The Marshall Council meets once per month during the academic year.

• If president cannot attend, a designated officer should attend in his/her place.
• Attendance will be tracked, only one absence per semester per organization will be allowed.
• Failure to attend MC meetings will result in a lack of financial sponsorship by the Student Services Office.

Fall and Spring Recognition

1. Follow applicable regulations and rules established by the university and the Marshall School of Business.
2. Participation at the New Student Welcome in the fall and the Student Organization Showcase held in the spring semester.
3. Submission of operating plans to be submitted in the fall and spring semesters.

III. Benefits of being a Marshall Student Organization

The benefits of being part of the Marshall Student Organization roster include the following:

• Affiliation with the Marshall School
• Access to student organization office in ACC B6
• Office will be used for club meetings and storage of club-related items (flyers, banners, etc.)
• Phones, a printer and a mail box are also provided to be used for university business
• Access to reserve a Marshall classroom for organization meetings
• Access to list student organization on Marshall web page
( and brochure • Immediate listing of organization at summer and spring freshmen and transferorientations sessions
• First access to internship and job postings forwarded by the Student Services Office
• Opportunity to represent leadership of Marshall School at receptions, university events, etc.
• Access to media coverage by Marshall Communications Department (based on organization’s planned events, successes, etc.)
• Attendance at “Marshall Student Organization Recognition Banquet” (late April)
• Access to USC Professional Funding Board (
• Opportunity to apply for additional funding through the Student Services Office if requests are denied from USC funding boards. See addendum 1.

Addendum 1 - Event funding from the Student Services Office

The Student Services Office will allocate some funds to Marshall sponsored student organizations that are denied funding from University funding boards. The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible for funding.

• Event must be of sufficient interest that students who are not members of the organization could reasonably attend.
• All university and Marshall School policies must be observed (absolutely NO alcohol will be served at an undergraduate event).
• Funding will not be given for end of year banquets; only professional events.
• Formal budget proposal must be submitted. The proposal should contain all estimates for event costs from approved USC vendors. If a vendor is not USC approved student groups will NOT be able to use their services.
• The Student Services office must receive the request for funding with at least 2 weeks of notice before expenditure requests take place.
• Proper USC forms need to accompany all original receipts.
• Receipts listing the business purpose should be submitted to Guillermina Molina or Jennifer Alderete (HOH 200) in a timely fashion.
• A summary report will need to be submitted within two weeks of when the event is held.