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President: Danish Akmal

The MBSG President works to coordinate the efforts of the entire MBSG, while establishing goals and developing strategies to best serve the Marshall undergraduate student community. The President and Vice Presidents of the Executive Board are elected by popular vote each April, and serve year-long terms.


Vice President: Tanmay Asija

The Administration department is the backbone of the MBSG organization. With positions like Secretary and Treasurer, it helps all other departments within MBSG run smoothly. This department also facilitates the internal and external flow of money, plans retreats and social events, and keeps all members up to date. In addition, this department oversees the process of providing supplemental funding for Marshall student organizations.


Vice President: Murali Joshi

The Communications department within MBSG is responsible for the effective and creative transmission of ideas between MBSG, student organizations, the Marshall administration, and other external parties. Utilizing cohesive promotional materials and advertising campaigns, associates will assist the three Directors of Marketing by becoming intimately involved with events put on by the Operations, Student Affairs, and Administration Departments. Associates will participate in the construction of coherent brand identities for department-specific events by developing advertisements, creating schoolwide email communications, and participating in event tabling. Furthermore, associates in this area will be responsible for maintaining and advancing MBSG's brand recognition amidst the student body by ensuring that all general marketing materials, event-specific advertisements, and promotional activities are professionally designed and/or constantly staffed.


Vice President: Vineet Jain

The Operations department of MBSG is responsible for providing the Marshall students with networking opportunities both on and off campus with events such as Resume Day. Along with hosting an annual luncheon for the graduating seniors and organizing the Golden Apple Teaching Awards, this department plays a crucial role in assisting the Undergraduate Student Services office with their events. The Operations department also hosts the Golf 101 program, a six week course that teaches Marshall students golfing fundamentals. Associates in this department will assist in organizing and running professional events

Student Affairs

Vice President: Zain Shaikh

The Student Affairs department of MBSG is responsible for representing the Marshall students. The goal of this department is to make sure the student voice is heard! An example of recent advocacy on the Marshall campus is the work put in by past Student Affairs directors and associates to bring a coffee cart into Hoffman Lobby and improve the wireless internet connection in Hoffman Hall. Some of the events the Student Affairs department directs are the Marshall/CAP tailgate, the Marshall Event Calendar in the breezeway, the Student Involvement Fair and the Marshall Student Organization Banquet. The Student Affairs department is closely tied to the Marshall Council, which connects each and every recognized student organization on the Marshall Campus, and is responsible for the Marshall Business Cards sales. Associates in this department will assist the SA directors on their respective events, staff and help when needed on MBSG-wide events and conducting business cards sales.


Associates are free to help any department they wish in order to gain a better sense of where they would like to become more deeply involved in the future.

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